The Beverly Group, Inc.


Kevin J. Whelan, President and Chief Financial Officer of The Beverly Group, Inc. (“TBG”), has worked in various fiduciary roles since 1986, over 34 years’ experience. This has included numerous receiver and referee appointments in Superior Court and liquidating/disbursing agent and plan administrator in Bankruptcy Court. In addition to numerous real estate assets and businesses, Mr. Whelan is one of a few receivers to have worked as receiver in a Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy case, and has also managed a hip-hop radio station and seized and liquidated a 737 full-flight simulator.

Mr. Whelan worked with his partner Beverly McFarland to create and transition their local asset management firm into a national company during the late 1980’s and 1990’s with fully staffed offices in California, Colorado, and Florida. Services have been provided on Federal Receiverships for the RTC, FDIC, FSLIC, and FADA on assets valued in the billions of dollars.

Mr. Whelan brings the unique “hands on” experience of having developed and operated a nationwide business to his fiduciary work, a Class “B” Contractor’s license with both “paper” and actual construction knowledge and experience, and management of up to millions of dollars per month in Federal trust funds,

Fiduciary appointments have included

  • Office, retail, single and multi-family real estate and development projects
  • Large and small operating businesses
  • Partially completed construction projects
  • Assets involving homeowner associations
  • Seizure and securing assets
  • Consummated court ordered liquidations
  • Enforcement of Civil Judgments
  • Asset review and audit
  • Special assets ~ example: a B737-700/800 full-flight simulator
  • Parking garages and operations
  • Radio stations
  • Partnership disputes
  • Family law matters
  • Assets with environmental issues


– University of Southern California, B.S., 1985
– CRF Loyola Law School Seminars (numerous since 2004) – presenter and attendee

Licenses and Organizations

– Real Estate Brokers License, 1986
– General Contractors License, Class “B”, 1987
– California Receivers Forum, Bay Area Chapter – Current Officer on Board of Directors
– California Receivers Forum, Sacramento Valley Chapter – Founding member and founding Board member, served as Chair in 2003